Meet Diana

My Vision

In addition to teaching math, I also develop and  lead trainings for staff and students about inclusion, success strategies, motivation, and effective communication, to name a few. I care deeply about humanity and educational access for all.  I believe that every student deserves attention, comprehensive feedback, and the expectation to strive for excellence. 

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Award-Winning Educator

With inspiration from teachers at school, I am proud to say that I am the first generation of my family to go to college, which opened up the world for me.   I earned a Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering, and landed a high-level job at PPG Industries in Wisconsin.  Later, I got my Master's in Mathematics Education and taught over a span of 20 years at University of Colorado and Chippewa Valley Technical College.  I began private tutoring 19 years ago.   In addition to tutoring, I am a substitute teacher in the Boulder Valley School District for grades pre-K through 12 and an instructor in Front Range Community College's Upward Bound Program for High School students.